This is one of the most important celebrations in a girl's life. It marks the transition from being a "young girl", to becoming a "young woman" in society.

As most guests for a celebration like this will be teenagers, This event requires a high level of musical energy. The newest, coolest music must be available and played by a DJ who is fully knowledgeable of all the newest trends. This doesn't mean that the adults will be left out. A good DJ will know ways to play a good mix of music to keep everyone involved.

Speaking of MIX, our DJ's are trained to play "mixed sets", meaning, they will keep the energy going from one song to the next, without interrupting the flow of great music.

With this celebration being of Hispanic heritage, it is also important to hire someone who is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Knowledge of the culture is also extremely important.

Our DJ's are native speakers who write and speak fluently in both English and Spanish. They also understand that there is more than one nationality in Latin America and will play music from different regions.

Introductions and announcements are made in both languages at your request. That way, out of town guests will know everything that is going on.

Give us a call today, so we can start planning this special day with you!

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